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Advance composer

Is there any doc/tutorial about the Advance Composer? I don't find any use for the variable block.




Which robot is concerned about your request ?

Best regards

Hi. The robot is James.

You can find some informations about the advanced composer in this link: 

Best regards

And how could we save something James hears in a variable? For example, James asks for the age of the user and depending on its value he says different sentences.

You can create this kind of compositions

In the block wait for "voice command"you have to typ all the answers;
If James says in the first speech block: How old are you?
You have to type every answers in the wait for "voice command" block like this
There is no way to do it automatically.

And after that you have to fill the block if/else with all the previous answers like this

Maybe it wasn´t the best example. What if I wanted to save an API Request answer to a varible block?


There is no variable in the dropdown form.


You have to put the "Variable" block before the "API" block like this:

Ok, thank you!

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