In version 0.7.53 of Zora Control we discovered a bug with the wifi component.
It may happen that you can not switch from hotspot to wifi network. You could only change back to wifi network when you have connected the robot with a network cable.

The new version includes a solution for the wifi problem and it is only necessary to install this version if you have above issue or when you use the hotspot function from Zora.

Please note that both Zora and the computer on which you install have to be connected to the internet and the hotspot needs to be deactivated.

In Zora-Control open wifi settings under gear icon and deactivate hotspot.

It is also advisable that Zora is connected with a network cable.

Click the download link below for Zora Control latest version:

Zora Control zip file must not be unpacked.

An overview of the known problems can be found at the 'Known issues' on the Zorabots portal.

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Het Zora team