Zorabots presents the new version of ZoraControl.

The update focuses on improved productivity based on user feedback.


  • Layout improvement + new icons
  • New advanced composer
  • Use of variables in composition
  • Run the entire timeline into a loop
  • New subblock in composer to move head
  • Undo button in composer
  • Answers with Yes / No QR code in Quiz
  • Breathing mode added in Steering
  • New design for editing datasets

Please note that both Zora and the computer on which you install ZoraControl have to be connected to the internet.

It is also advisable that Zora is connected with a network cable.

Click the download link below for ZoraControl latest version:

ZoraControl zip file must not be unpacked.

Please send your questions or comments to support@qbmt.be

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Het Zora team