On this page you will find an overview of the known issues or bugs of ZoraControl v0.8.0.


  • Reading QR codes of compositions does not work
    1) Open the composition
    2) Save the composition under a different, new name
    3) generate a new QR code
    4) Replace the old QR code with the new one

  • Language is always in English after a restart
    The set language is not remembered after starting up Zora and you have to reset it
    You can set the language by clicking on the flag at the top right. Also you can set the language with the language QR cards, see appendix.

  • After disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network, the hotspot can not be switched on. If this does happen, the robot will no longer accept new commands
    1) If the robot is already connected to Wi-Fi:
        Simply enable the hotspot via QR code or ZoraControl without disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network.
    2) If the robot is not connected to Wi-Fi at startup:
        The robot can be connected to Wi-Fi and hotspot, both via QR code and via ZoraControl.


  • QR codes are not recognized from existing compositions
    See Composer-issue above 'QR codes are not recognized from existing compositions'

  • Behaviors with more than 1 dataset do not want to play
    Perform a new update of Zora-Control version 0.8.0

  • Speech-blocks use only the system-language when using animated speech-setting, not the setting of the speech-block
    No known solution so far, the selected language of the block only works with non-animated speech
    a) Change the setting to non-animated
    b) Save the composition in the system language (e.g. a composition with French speech is saved in the French system language)