Zorabots presents a new version of ZoraControl.

The update contains some bug fixes in the installation process.
When updating from version 0.8.0 or lower it could occur that the robot started with an error 400 or 500 and you had to do a second installation.
For this we have renewed the installation process, as well as an update of the installation program.

What's new in ZoraControl 0.9.0 and higher?

  • all behaviors have been improved
  • new dances added like 'If your Happy', 'Jingle Bell's', 'Haka' and 'Colors'
  • interface now also translated into Italian
  • possible to perform a factory reset (deletion of all data)
  • when Zora is activated, after 1 minute the robot automatically goes into breathing mode and after 5 minutes back to rest, this in order to relieve the motors
  • import and export snippets and datasets (own data of behaviors)
  • composer:
    - new waiting blocks
    - new block type 'Human' (follow head, blink eyes and breathing)
    - added 20 new moves
    - volume of music reduced when the robot says something
    - possible to pause a played composition
    - if / else options extended
    - progress bar when saving a composition
  • start-up process has been redesigned
  • wifi management renewed
  • set language is now remembered after a restart
  • renewed QR generator, QR code has a title
  • date, time and time zone can be changed
  • possibility to record only the sound
  • Bluetooth support, only for devices that support the HSP protocol

New network connection management

Please note that both Zora and the computer on which you install ZoraControl have to be connected to the internet.

It is also advisable that Zora is connected with a network cable with your netwerk or with a router with internet access.

Click the download link below for ZoraControl latest version:

  • ZoraControl version 0.9.1
  • Installation program for Windows and Mac
  • Manual of installation program, follow the installation steps starting on page 22 - Update the current software version
  • Manual of ZoraControl

ZoraControl zip file must not be unpacked.

The robot will shut itself off when the installation is finished.
Restart the robot and wait until the robot reports that it is ready for use.

Your browser (Google Chrome) will still display the old version of ZoraControl.
Press the CTRL + 5F  (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + R (Mac) keys together to load the updated ZoraControl page.
If this is not done, you will get an error message that some modules are not loaded.

If you are not allowed to install the new version, create a support ticket and we will adjust this as soon as possible.

Please send your questions or comments via a support ticket.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Zora team