Zorabots presents a new version of ZoraControl for Nao V6 robot.

In order to install the software on your robot, please provide information of your robot via support ticket.

The robot information can be easily retrieved with the Multi-tool.

Please note that both the robot and the computer on which you install ZoraControl have to be connected to the internet.

It is also advisable that the robot is connected with a network cable with your network or with a router with internet access.

At the end of the installation the robot will shut itself off.
Restart the robot and wait until the robot reports that it is ready for use.

If you are not allowed to install the software, please make a ticket via support ticket and we will adjust this as soon as possible.

Click the download link below for ZoraControl latest version:

If your robot has not yet worked with ZoraControl, first check if you have the correct NAOqi version. This version must be the Naoqi version

If you have questions or comments please make a ticket via support ticket.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Zora team


Added Features:

  • Extra news feeds on our news server
  • Language fall back (English) when an unsupported language is installed
  • Custom dataset icons also restored

Fixed issues:

  • Gym block data that resets after clicking on another gym block
  • Random dancing is possible again in the music block in the composer
  • The “news server” behavior will now say the news articles in the correct language, based on the feed language
  • The “weather forecast” behavior will now say the weather in the correct language, based on the weather API language 

Known issues:

  • In some behaviors the Italian text won’t be pronounced correctly.