RAIL 2.1.0



  • Add basic romanian speech translations

  • Provide icons for all ZBOS Applications

  • Monitoring: RAIL & MQTTWrapper implementation

  • Monitoring: head button implementation

  • Composer - allow variables in OpenBrowserItem

  • Make default dialog profiles for odp and google

  • Fix GoogleSTT not using locales correctly

  • Integrate robot sensors with Monitoring API

  • Robot identity can_move feature

  • Add Listen Feature to robot identity to define ASR related features

  • Add IP configurations to settings API

  • Scheduler: Avoid issue with hourly repeats

  • Composer: mark blocks as scheduler enabled

  • Add "Robot" icon in Application API

  • API block: support variables in endpoint

  • QR code: Improve scanning feedback

  • Apps & config sort alphabetically by default

  • Add sensors to translation API

  • Add support to remove multiple walls with 1 mqtt publish

  • Applications API: Remove registered applications from default Apps list

  • Merge ROS modules branch to develop

  • Implementation Sick monitoring service

  • Allow scanning a composition url

  • Translations for 2.1 releases

  • Update mqtt client id & change qos of the broker status


  • VoIP - Speech services stop after ending VoIP call (using Kiosk)

  • Settings API - inactivity timer conditional settings

  • Composer - Speech - Setting non-blocking isn't applied

  • Scheduler - items at the same time

  • Settings API - Speech language options are blank

  • RAIL Crash: Undeliverable Exception in prod

  • Settings API - Robot - List for 'Stop speech services' isn't refreshed

  • TTS languages are not forwarded correctly since latest speech profile changes

  • Negative variable cant be spoken in speech block



  • Add support to update multiple walls with 1 mqtt publish for Deduco


  • Localisation - Going to POI after leaving charging station goes to wrong POI.

  • James - Video-feed issues

  • James: Auto reconnect to cloud broker does not always work 



  • Robin: Rename emotions

  • Robin - Settings API - Remove redundant settings from Speech-section 

  • Robin: Add funny actions

  • Robin: categorize animations


  • Robin - Composer - Emotion block doesn't seem to work



  • Wait for voice input not working on Zora

  • Connection - Zora - Can't connect to WiFi when hotspot is turned on

  • Speech language not changing on Zora

  • Zora - Can't remove media file

  • Use application id again instead of settings_id when updating Zora settings

  • Zora - Implement rail crash fix

  • Remove double qr code sound on Zora



  • Spot: Make Ros driver and zbos start at boot

  • Spot: Identification Service

  • Spot: Status service

  • Spot: Video service

  • Spot: Mobility Service

  • Spot: Animation service


  • Spot - wrong ROS topics for camera and battery

  • Spot - video stream, RAIL sometimes crashes after switching camera



  • Sawyer - RAIL crash after installation

  • Sawyer Crash on 2.1.0 dev

KIOSK 2.1.0



  • Provide icons for all ZBOS Applications 

  • Make default dialog profiles for embedded (odp) and google 

  • Internal applications are hidden from app list

  • Provide more descriptions for settings

  • Update all translations


  • Inactivity: Settings not applied

  • Inactivity: New compositions aren't shown in the list of inactivity items 

  • Inactivity: New applications aren't shown in the list of inactivity items 

  • API registration happened multiple times when kiosk settings are opened 

  • Settings API: Speech language options are blank 

  • Settings API: Installing a new language doesn't update the setting until the settings are re-opened 

  • Survey application does not have a name displayed 



  • Video-feed issues