KIOSK 2.3.0


Display license info in screen, warn about expired Cloud license

Responsive layout: allow scaling to a broad range of screen sizes 

Support for Kebbi Air Robot

Support for Composer text overlay 

Support for visual feedback when scanning a QR code

Support passing variables to a Composition

Support for improved face recognition app

Video streamer: Don't use overlay for camera access

Decrease broker traffic for face detection 

Improved stability of video streaming

Kiosk tile scaling varies randomly

Kiosk items flashing at certain times

infinite loading screen "Restarting speech software"

Prevent several crashes

Composer Video won't loop

Update notification does not respect quiet hours

RAIL 2.3.0

New and improved face recognition functionality for all Android robots

Generic “Mouth Mask Detection” monitoring service on all Android robots

Monitoring: register topic so that external services can register their monitoring capabilities and thus allow the user to enable/disable the functionality via Control => Apps&Config => App Manager

Default Hotword "Ok Robot" for robots that do not have their own hotword

Composer: allow making multiple external MQTT broker connections

Composer: new text overlay block for visual interaction

Composer: added multi-out blocks functionality for future expansion in ZBOS Control

Composer: wait for QR code: add config option for visual feedback

Composer: wait for QR code: add config options for audible feedback

Composer: Allow variables to be passed when starting a composition, for example from Kiosk

Add MQTT printing API

Dialog: allow interrupting speech

Robot identification now always has a body_id, regardless of ZBOS robot type.

Gradually switching codebase to Kotlin Multi Platform

Video streamer: Don't use overlay for camera access

Robot identity slam_feature value for non-slam robots

Improve dialog system performance when robot has a lot of compositions and add config option for it

Add volume information to robot identity

Replace obsolete cloud domains


Composer: Speech block: invalid syntax when attempting to parse JSON variables

Composer: Mqtt_subscribe variable not working anymore (Backwards compatibility)

Composer: Video won't loop

Composer: Text overlay block issues

Composer: Start app block: Infinite loop if the app has been removed from robot

Composer: if..else assumes incorrect fallback

Composer: Multimedia - Audio keeps looping even after end of composition

Composer: Wait for Monitoring block - RAIL crashes on event

Composer: error when exporting zip file

Composer: Error in wait for voice input

Composer: Fix ConcurrentModificationException crash

Face recognition editor - Issues with stored persons

Apps & config: Inactivity timer value is null

Fix regression causing crash on boot

MQTT duplicate publishes depending on the subscriber(s)

Robot does nothing when trying to connect to same network

Local Monitoring - Sorting by date doesn't work

Changes to fix Kiosk issue: infinite loading screen "Restarting speech software"

Could not load dances and animations in ZBOS Control under some conditions

ODP - custom Hotword does not work

GoVirtual (Virtual Robot)

Virtual Monitoring module

Virtual Dialog module

Virtual Config module

Virtual Steering module

Virtual Resources

Virtual Storage

MQTT Class

Cloud broker

Allow fetching of stored subscribes



Monitoring: cruzr hkvision implementation


Wall removal was broken. Wall remove topic should use string for segmentId, not int



Possible crash at boot

Sometimes a composition with Slam can not be stopped

Cannot rotate POI



Stop Composition with head tap


Crash and system info problem

Wait for QR code scan - RAIL reboot if number of tries is exceeded



Implement video streaming


Support new App folder structure


Wait for face recognition doesn't work

Composer - QR code scan - composition blocks if no qr code is shown

Updater - missing icon on BB and Zora

Kebbi Air


ZBOS Support



Update notification does not respect quiet hours

USB storage should not write to SD card when no USB is inserted

Updater - missing icon on BB and Zora



RAIL does not get robot focus after exiting other app with robot focus



Go to position with coordinates

Send position events


Connection to ROS gets disconnected/connected, on every WiFi connection event

Adb log upload doesn't work



Implement charging station


Replace steering to Gaussian API, like Cruzr

Disable factory TTS


Issue with enabling mask monitoring and temperature at same time

Does not load the previous map on boot

Rod does not always move