RAIL 2.4.0



Speech: Allow to configure wake-word threshold and ASR confidence

Speech: Basic Finnish language support

Speech: Support custom Google Dialogflow configuration

Speech: Language setup on first startup to propose the available languages (for robots without a screen)

Speech: generic robot introduction

Speech: allow asking the current RAIL version

Composer: Embedded example compositions 

Composer: Wait for face block - non-strict number of faces

Composer: New domotics layer with Home Assistant integration

System: android Wi-Fi sharing format QR code support

System: Allow duplicate internal subscribes

System: Functionality to completely reset a robot

System: MQTT Poke response

System: Applications API: allow external apps to register custom icons

System: Missing icons for latest robots


Composer: improved visual feedback during QR code scan

Monitoring: throttle push notifications

System: Use consistent MQTT client id’s

System: automatically restart RAIL after crash on robots without a screen

Multimedia: Ignore hidden _MACOSX folder when unzipping a zip file


Inactivity settings not showing when action changes

Kiosk-hotspot page doesn't show current SSID of the hotspot

Crash on "Do not disturb" permissions on Android TV with Android 9

Crash after position reset to charging station

Composer - Stop composition doesn't stop the speech-block

Virtual Robot


Domotics in virtual environment



Error when using wait for voice command block set to manual trigger



Settings API: remove features that do not apply to Zora

Composer: No filters available for 'Dance' and 'Emotion' blocks

Composer: Wait for sensor doesn't work properly if no sensors are selected

Voice commands were shown while this feature does not apply to Zora

Cruzr EPI


Cruzr EPI : Remove Animation "Scratch head" to avoid arm collision with camera



Volume control

Animation Service

Kiosk 2.4.0




Update flow: show release notes

Full Robot reset feature


Improved support for Generic Android devices

Improved layout scaling on large screen devices

Improve visual feedback during composer QR code scan

Improve display of Kiosk settings when using background images and/or transparent menus

Remove legacy domotics screen

Reduce Kiosk variants, now only 2 versions of Kiosk exist (ARM and ARM64) instead of specific builds per Robot

Enforce MQTT client id standardisation


Shortcut 'Home' opens the first folder

Changing font-size in current Kiosk does not apply until reload

Not all selected optional languages are shown as options

Prevent crash when trying to set a pin code

Prevent crash loop

Inactivity triggering immediately on activation

Issues with kiosk follow-up mqtt action

Issues with transparant background images



Crash of kiosk when streaming camera and using motion detection block at the same time

Updater 2.4.0 


Kiosk - Not all selected optional languages are shown as options

Updater doesn't restart automatically after updating itself

Sawyer: Unable to update kiosk on Android 10

Updater crash on invalid ZIP path


Update flow: show release notes