• Composer: block to create a monitoring event

  • Composer: new Date & Time block, date manipulation and date variables

  • Webhook support in Composer and Task Manager

  • Composer: metadata support

  • Composer: support for loop & interrupt properties for Animation block

  • Monitoring: allow variables for all Monitoring parameters in Composer

  • Composer: allow datetime string for monitoring timestamp

Task Manager

  • Task manager: description field

  • Task manager: Scheduled events are shown as ‘random’ events

Home Automation

  • Home automation: OpenHAB integration

  • Add OpenHAB logo

  • Generic JVM RAIL for IoT hubs

  • RAIL-JVM: Support licence via environment variables

  • Home automation: improve translations for ‘dimmers’ in openHAB

Dialog system

  • Dialog system: support for PicoVoice ASR provider

  • Dialog system: add Czech language support

  • Dialog system: add Hebrew language support

  • Dialog system: remove automatic announcing of domotics device state

  • Dialog system: Clean up DefaultDialogService

  • Dialog system: issue with closing audio stream after Google STT


  • Allow opt-out from Crashlytics reporting

  • Respeaker USB mic support

  • Integration with WEIGL Control system

  • WEIGL: Idle fallback setting

  • Kiosk: make interface languages list dynamic

  • Kiosk: cloud diagnostics

  • Apps & Config: add variables UI to Robot item instead of the top right menu

  • Add “default” property to global variables provided by the system

  • Replace ResultWrapper and SuccessMessage with Result

  • Allow downloading cloud file from range (streaming)

  • Kotlin/Native support for RAIL & lib-composer

  • Robin: Emotion list improvements


  • Mapping: new map adds charging station when robot is charging via cable

  • Robin: Task with sensor overrides default function

  • Task manager: Kiosk home task is triggered every time the orientation of a device changes

  • Composition: Pausing a composition causes some compositions to stop completely

  • Minibot and Luckibot: multiple wifi scan refresh can cause empty network list (Android 9+ issue)

  • Kiosk: Task manager with video at boot causes Kiosk to stop loading

  • Robin: Task Manager trigger set to ‘power sensor’ disables the battery view

  • Task manager: Multiple executions are still possible for single blocks

  • Multimedia: Syncing large files causes a RAIL crash loop

  • James: “Ready to use” text is not spoken on boot

  • RAIL crash when getting MAC address fails

  • Monitoring: Cloud events won’t be shown anymore.

  • Composer: Speech is no longer blocking

  • Tuya integration broken

  • MQTT docs to delete monitoring event are wrong

  • Virtual robot loses track of cloud files and uploads duplicates

  • Speech engine not starting properly after reboot

  • Cloud broker connectivity issues in some cases

  • Android 12 DND crash

  • Odp: missing translation for slam in French

  • Regression: Composer media problems

  • Cloud connection issues on humanoid robot Sara

  • Continuous grammars break with comma’s

  • Task Manager: regression: single block execution is broken

  • Webhook trigger variables are not passed on to composer in correct format

  • Scheduler/Task Manager: Error when downloading media file using a single block

  • ReSpeaker: Missing label in settings

  • Log when settings are restored to troubleshoot settings that go missing

  • Scheduler: Single speech blocks aren’t played

  • Task manager: Motion detection only works once

  • Cannot install apk apps - Android 12

  • Translation retrieval fails in some cases

  • Kiosk: (Un-)installing a language causes the display to not be updated properly

  • Regression: repeated error shown in logs

  • James: Startup screen won’t disengage when stating ‘ok james’

  • Regression: Battery status is no longer shown in Kiosk

  • Regression: “Apps & config” stays empty on Cruzr & Robin

  • Dialog system: speech language list empty



  • Kiosk: make interface languages list dynamic

  • Kiosk: cloud diagnostics

  • Composer: allow decimal input on text input prompt

  • Dialog: support for PicoVoice ASR provider

  • Allow opt-out from Crashlytics reporting


  • Camera: improved brightness and fps range

  • MiniBot: kiosk crash after QR code \(with overlay shown\) is stopped

  • Kiosk: Disable the option for the 'locations' virtual folder if slam isn't supported

  • Android 12: Permissions have changed to auto-launch apps

  • Page isn't retained after action concludes

  • Minibot and Luckibot: multiple wifi scan refresh can cause empty network list \(Android 9+ issue)

  • Composer: Video call block - Composition stops when ASR/speech needs to be re-enabled.

  • Kiosk: Blue bar is shown when asking for text input

  • Settings API: Disable the option for 'Location' folder if unsupported

  • Avoid excessive calls to updater API on boot

  • Regression: Blocking on multimedia does not persist

  • Kiosk: Updater notification layout problems

  • Kiosk settings not updating properly

  • Voice: Uninstalling a voice causes the speech service to stop working

  • Kiosk MQTT not restarting immediately upon RAIL restart

  • Kiosk subtitles disappear before speech ends

  • Kiosk: \(Un-\)installing a language causes the display to not be updated properly

  •  Kiosk: Display language can't be changed if only one entry is present

  • Kiosk: Language selection is incorrect

  • Composer: Multimedia isn't overwritten