Dear customer, owner of a Nao V4, V5 or V6 and user of ZoraControl.

We want to inform you by this email/communication that the ZoraControl software will become obsolete from March 1, 2023.
For you customer, this means that from this date, there will be no more updates available and that there will be no more support from us.

In order to be able to continue the software, it is imperative to perform a software update before the date of March 1, 2023 (unless you have already performed an update after March 2022)
After the date of March 1, 2023, it will no longer be possible to install the Zoracontrol software or update your robot.

You will find the necessary information to perform the update in the following link:
How to get my robot version:Multi-Tool Regarding any hardware issues, please contact the Aldebaran manufacturer directly:
Attention: in case of sending your robot to their workshops, be sure to ask that the robot not be flashed or resetted because you will not be able to install the software again

In case of questions or assistance, please contact us with a ticket on our technical support:  or by email at

Note :This mail does not concern users of Nao/Zora which use ZBOS Control platform:
Best regards