RAIL Version 1.3.0


  • Support a adding name to a robot and share that name in robot identification payload

  • Composer: add MQTT topics to start individual blocks 

  • Composer: add MQTT topics to follow the state 

  • Media: periodic cleanup of temporary files 

  • Media: sync files with cloud 

  • Media: allow streaming the robot screen to ZBOS Control

  • Domotics: add Home Assistant integration 

  • Speech: use new dialog topics for dialog service, to control e.g. pitch in voice 

  • Automatic reboot of RAIL after software update 

  • Add a global robot reset system 

  • Logging: implement better log rotation 

  • SLAM: Expand coordinate system with Raw coordinates 

  • SLAM: Allow specifying speed property when navigating to POI 

  • (Sawyer) Handle emergency stop

  • (Cruzr GS+1S) Load map at boot with position of charging stating, if charging

  • (Cruzr GS+1S) Retry go to POI after navigation failed


  • RIL is now called RAIL (Robot Artificial Independent Layer) 

  • MQTT: editors added to robot identity topic

  • Composer: a text can be entered on POI-block that will be spoken if navigation fails 

  • Composer: voice command block: add continuous listening and timeout

  • Composer: speech block: add extra properties to control aspects of the voice

  • Camera now has a rotation property 

  • (Cruzr GS+1S) SLAM: Locating on map improved


  • (James) Wifi-page didn’t display the correct information about the currently connected network

  • (Cruzr) Partially fix problems with WIFI state when there are no saved networks  

  • (Cruzr GS+1S) Only went to charnging station at 10% 

  • (Cruzr GS+1S) Issue with virtual walls and extend map

  • (Crzur GS+1S) Composer does not continue when navigation fails 

  • (Cruzr) Composer: Issues with disabling animated speech 

  • (Crzur) Reboot robot software did not have expected outcome

  • Composer: Variables in speech block not getting filled in 

  • Composer: RAIL crash when repeatTimes in composition data source is empty 

  • Composer: RAIL crash when scheduler item is empty

  • Composer: RAIL crash with specific notation in wait-block 

  • Composer: dance block progress was broken 

  • Composer: media blocking property ignored on 2nd loop

  • Composer: Browser block only continues once the page is loaded (or throws an error)

  • Composer: Scheduled compositions can't be stopped by tapping the close button on the robot 

  • Camera: restart robot software disables the camera 

  • Speech: “Call Help” context remained active even when not confirmed, causing any “Yes” to cause calling for help 

  • Speech: custom grammars stopped working

  • Speech: Arabic was broken 

  • Cloud: Uploads fail due to expired token 

  • Cloud: RAIL crash when turning off “Remote Broker” 

  • Discovery: Possible flooding of logs 

  • Wifi: Catch error on certain restricted wifi networks 

  • Wifi: Prevent James from trying to connect with wifi networks that have forbidden characters 

Kiosk Version 1.4.0


  • Added ability to change the robot name 

  • Provide robot reset system

  • Added Swahili language

  • New setting to change the minimum battery percentage for going to charging station 

  • Add 'Show password' checkbox to Wi-Fi connect dialog + disable keyboard dictionary for hotspot password


  • Updater: improved flow, allow disabling automatic updates 

  • Show a message when trying to connect to an unsupported wifi network 

  • MQTT: Send an event when the pin code has been created

  • Do not show link "Go to charging station" when Kiosk is locked 

  • Inactivity: allow duration below one minute [

  • Improve application lists so they do not show internal applications

  • Decrease rounded corners on popup dialogs 

  • Internal settings architecture restructuring 

  • Don't stop inactivity on touch when the item has a close button

  • Wifi page is now more responsive



  • Updater: do not stack update windows, only show latest version 

  • Speech: startup-message is only partially heard if the setting 'Spoken commands' is disabled 

  • Scheduler: Scheduled composition will not stop by user-input 

  • Settings: updater-page doesn't automatically refresh after a language has been removed

  • UI: items open when clicking next to items on the home screen

  • Fix: Current folder not kept when returning from application

  • Fix: Current page does not reset when entering a folder

  • Page was inherited when navigating Kiosk levels, showing incorrect page in some cases 

  • Charging screen: in some cases, tapping option 'Leave charging station' could crash the kiosk

  • Prevent a specific crash loop

  • Wifi: Show 'forget' button in Wi-Fi dialog, instead of 'connect' button for a connected network

  • Quiet hours were not saved

  • Possible issues with streaming audio

  • Kiosk: changing datasource was not always fully applied 

  • (Cruzr) Wifi: Link robot page shows option 'hotspot' while this isn't supported

  • (Crzur) Remove unsupported VoIP settings 

  • (Sawyer) Crash when accessing settings 

Updater Version 1.3.0


  • Allow disabling automatic updates 


  • Improved downloads, allow resume 

  • Improved flow


  • Android 9+ compatibility for Sawyer tablet