RAIL Version 1.4.0


  • Composer: support for text input block 

  • Composer: support for global and system variables 

  • Composer: Wait for speech now has extra options for timeout and continuous listening 

  • Add option to connect to a WiFi network via a config file on local storage or USB drive 


  • Cloud media syncing improvements 

  • Mediasyncing service was changed to work cross platform on non-Android robots 

  • Reworked internal MQTT handling

  • Composer: support for multiple improvements to the “Wait for speech” block 

  • Composer: you can now add "data" to the application block, for example to start a survey with a specific dataset 

  • Composer: MQTT subscribe block can now pass on data to variables 

  • Wait for speech block now takes the current language of the robot 

  • Robot identity now includes information about Composer capabilities 

  • Camera streams renamed to be more intuitive


  • Stopping audio in Kiosk does not start doesn't start the follow-up video 

  • Cloud sync: RAIL crashes when downloading multiple (large) files from cloud to robot

  • Cloud sync: RAIL crashes in specific cases when syncing subfolders 

  • Slam: Issues with interactive POI causing double or unwanted execution of tasks

  • Slam: Create new map doesn't sync the modified setting 'Mapping'

  • Potential crash caused by excessive logging 

  • Potential issue causing the dialog service not to start via MQTT 

  • Potential issue where the connection between Kiosk and RAIL is broken temporarily after pressing the microphone icon. 

  • Potential issue with audio playback from composition  

  • Potential issue causing crash after request timeout 

  • ADB log uploads were not performed after reboot 

  • Crash when robot has no voices installed 


  • Head button is now a general sensor 

  • Send collision events when robot drives against obstacle  

 Cruzr (1, GS, 1S, Epidemic)


  • Support for Cruzr Epidemic temperature monitoring and alarming 


  • n/a


  • current WiFi state is wrong when there are no saved networks available

  • Wifi status needs to be updated before the online/offline status is shown correctly  

  • Reboot robot software not working as intended 

  • Potential crash during excessive write operations on Alarm Monitoring database

Kiosk Version 1.5.0


  • Composer: text input block entry screen 

    • Allow disabling the speech overlay in settings 
  • new feature: App pinning to pin an application to foreground 

  • new feature: Composition pinning to run a composition in the background 

  • Skip microphone calibration when not needed 

  • Report which editors for robot features are available to Control

  • Crash screen: visually show which buttons are password locked

  • Updater: support skipping of updates 


  • Improved overall translations 

  • Removed legacy code 

  • Change all RIL wording to RAIL 

  • When loading a website, do not show the source url’s that data is being loaded from, just show a generic progress indicator 

  • Volume control only controlled media and speech volume. This has been changed so that all internal volume is altered, for example call volume in 3rd party chat applications 


  • Stopping audio playback does not start the follow-up media

  • Prevent robot crash loop after restart robot speech software 

  • Advanced Composer: Multimedia-block remains selected, even if the playback has already stopped 

  • Composer: Stop Media type image doesn't work 

  • Composer: Audio not playing when using the composer

  • Composer: visual media in  not shown when other app is in foreground 

  • Composer: will not end properly (sometimes) 

  • Icon not shown when uploading new dataset to robot 

  • Quiet hours: Date/Time doesn't take into account Daylight savings time 

  • Updater: manual updates were not showing the expected visual feedback 

  • Updater: optional downloads not shown in some cases 

  • Updater: Opening the settings stops the robot-screen feed 

  • Unneeded “kiosk outdated” message when trying to load datasource 

  • Setting 'Stop voice recognition' isn't applied to the pinned app 

  • Broken German translations make update screen crash 

  • Crash when leaving Android settings (or after installing kiosk using the updater

  • Robot freezes on touching the microphone and battery-level disappears from the title-bar

  • Battery-level showing '0' when tapping home-button 

  • Kiosk item 'audio' doesn't work 

  • Re-install using updater doesn't ask for all permissions at first launch 

  • Apps list scrolls back to start 

  • Opening locked settings starts the pinned app 

  • Unlink account does not work 



  • Issues with motion detection in a composition 

  • Reverted a previous change where Mic calibration would not be shown if Spoken Commands is disabled  



  • crash when navigating from settings to home 

  • Resource crash

Updater Version 1.4.0


  • Allow installing updates when Kiosk is not installed 

  • Support for Cruzr Epidemic


  • Optional downloads were not always available