RAIL 2.2.0



  • Add setting to enable/disable quiet hours

  • Composer: Wait for monitoring block support

  • Monitoring Apps registration

  • Provide defaults for quiet hours

  • Robot identification network info improvements

  • Make hotword work for all supported languages

  •  Create setting for location

  • Add IP configurations to settings API


  • Improve translation flow

  • CO2 sensor integration

  • Wait until web rtc dependencies are saved to the disk before loading the library

  • Remove the deprecated WiFi service

  • Current language event is sent too soon

  • Move getComposerFromIdentification methods from mqttwrapper to RAIL

  •  Composer Multimedia block should be shown based on available mime types

  • "What time is it" uses hardcoded timezone

  • Add Settings API advanced property

  • Dialog profile setting UX improvements

  • Composer: fetch multimedia for public compositions

  • Make weather report depend on location setting

  • Composer: Add blocking option for emotions

  • Add volume information to robot identity

  • Speed up QR wifi connection

  • Monitoring: register default settings for external monitoring events

  • Composer start app uses deprecated topics

  • Make sure special characters don't crash Speech system


  • Multimedia video - previous still active

  • Multimedia video - blocking doesn't continue after finish

  • Wait for voice commands not working

  • Monitoring - Some settings aren't applied

  • ODP - custom hotword does not work

  • ODP - French - Weather reports don't work

  •  QR code scanning failed double tts message

  • Composition status is "PAUSED" after it is finished

  • OOM iflytekservice

  • Composer - Wait on sensor doesn't work while robot is connected to charging station

  • Client application flow with microphone is broken

  • Mic calibration screen at boot does not work when ASR is off.

  • Scheduler - Pinned app starts briefly when starting a scheduled composition

  • Inactivity - composition - infinite loop with used settings for inactivity timer

  • Composer - Setting 'parallel execution' not applied when using a pinned composition

  • Setting to disable the speech for specific applications does not work

  • NPE when trying to read file as text

  • Advanced composer - Number of executions incorrect

  • Multimedia - Renaming file breaks preview

  • Composer - Wait for voice command - Difficulties with punctuation marks

  • Listening triggered during speech



  • Robin 4G connection

  • Robin: timezone setting


  • Robin Animated speech and Animation block conflict

  • Robin - Update breaks the robot

  • Cannot connect to new network while already connected

  • Robin should not have image support



  • Billy-Billy: Remove wait for sensor block

  • BB: Migrate legacy settings to RAIL

  • Billy-Billy ZBOS ODP changes to work with Monitoring and Translations API.


  •   Cannot connect to new network while already connected

  • BB: Serial not shown when connected locally



  • Register updater app for Zora

  • Implement video streaming from Zora

  • Zora - Network info - MAC address invalid from topic zbos/connection/status/event



  • James - Rotate on hotword - Triggers the beep multiple times

  • James - Reset to Default settings after booting away from charging station

  • James robot identity declares gesticulation property

  • James Connection Service Rail crash on latest dev

  • James - Cannot forget wifi network



  • Cruzr - Speech - 'Call help' is available for the voice-commands



Enable face recognition in pepper robot identity

KIOSK 2.2.0


  • Add setting to enable/disable quiet hours


  • Add Italian/Greek/Russian translation

  • Migrate kiosk quiet hours to settings api

  • More display options for a Kiosk tile


  • Quiet Hours crash when deleting item

  • Robin - Option 'Kiosk' is shown in the Apps & Config page

  • Speech profile displays 'odp' instead of 'embedded'

  • Stopping video may cause the speakers to crackle

  • Unable to close video/image/website

  • Mic calibration screen at boot does not work when ASR is off.

  • Setting to disable the speech for specific applications does not work



  • Robin - Setting 'auto-update' isn't applied

  • Possible issues with Updater json files


  • Delay automatic update after boot